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The quarterback with the football jogs in place until the other quarterback runs out in front of him approximately five yards. At that point, the quarterback with the football runs forward and executes a pass on the run. When the opposite quarterback catches the pass he jogs in place until the other quarterback runs to a position five yards in front. That quarterback then begins running and executes an on-the-move pass. The repetitions are repeated all across the field. The passing quarterback attempts to lead the other quarterback by a yard.

If the defender being read is Hi, the quarterback throws Lo. If in doubt, the quarterback should always throw Lo. Page 58 Drill #49: Lateral Read Pass Drill Objective: To practice making a correct Lateral read on a defender and a proper pass to the open Lateral read receiver. Equipment Needed: Three to four footballs; lined field. Description: Off of designated Lateral pattern read action from the team's actual pass offense, the quarterback takes his normal drop back or play action set, reads the drop of an underneath coverage defender (linebacker, strong safety) and throws to the open Lateral receiver according to the defender's drop.

Description: Versus simulated inside/outside linebacker and strong safety blitz looks, the quarterback practices throwing to the anti-blitz routes of the backs and tight ends in his particular offense. Since the quarterback is dropping back and falling away from his throw, he should raise his throwing platform (high hold of the football) to ensure an over-the-top throw and utilize extra index finger follow-through. Page 54 Drill #45: Spread Receiver Hot/Dump Drill Objective: To practice Hot/Dump-type passing to the spread receivers versus inside and outside linebacker/strong safety-type blitzing.

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