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To the other side we play the tackle in a 2 technique, which is head-up the guard, and a 7 technique, which is inside eye of the other tight end. In the 4-3 defense there are a lot of holes or bubbles in the alignment. The inside tackles have to be studs. They have to be able to draw the double team. If the offense can handle your tackle with one guy, your defense is going to be weak. The tackles have to make the belly play bounce flat to the line and outside. For this type of offense to be successful, there have to be tight ends who like to block.

Any coverage you put up is like a front. You are playing that coverage to gain a strength. The reason we like the quarter-quarter scheme is that we can get an eight-man front from a seven-man alignment. We can use one of our defensive backs as a hidden linebacker. We align our corners five yards deep and put the number-one receiver inside to his side. The free safety and rover are eight yards deep, keying the two man to their side. Let me show you our support to the strong side. If the tight end blocks down or releases, the 9-technique end tightens down and swaps gaps with the strong linebacker.

It is hard-nosed "iso" downhill. We come off the ball and hit them in the mouth. We have gone to a one-back zone play. It has been good for us. We run the wide, tight, and cutback. We call them wide, tight, and cutback. We do not get real fancy with it. We have been fortunate to have had good fullbacks. We run four plays with the fullback. We run the belly, trap, dive, and cutback. We fake-sweep and give it to the fullback on the cutback. We do run the option. We believe in the option. I have heard a lot of coaches say they did not want to run the option because they did not want to get the quarterback hit.

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