James Roberge's A Laboratory Course in C++ Data Structures PDF

By James Roberge

ISBN-10: 0763719765

ISBN-13: 9780763719760

Regardless of a number of mistakes, while one starts to appreciate the move of this laboratory guide it makes for great pedagological development.

I have used it in a lecture room environment with so much passable effects for the scholars.

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Report whether the list is empty. Report whether the list is full. Clear the list. Quit the test program. Suppose you wish to confirm that your array implementation of the Point List ADT successfully constructs a point list storing the vertices of a square. You can test this case by entering the following sequence of keyboard commands. Command + 1 1 + 1 2 + 2 2 + 2 1 Q Action Append (1,1) Append (1,2) Append (2,2) Append (2,1) Quit It is easy to see how this interactive test program allows you to rapidly examine a variety of test cases.

And iterate through the points in a list. List iteration is the process of moving through a list, processing each data item in turn. Iteration is done using a cursor that you move through the list much as you move the cursor in a text editor or word processor. In the following example, the Point List ADT’s gotoBeginning operation is used to move the cursor to the beginning of the list. The cursor is then moved through the list point-by-point by repeated applications of the gotoNext operation.

Void append ( Point newPoint ) Requirements: List is not full. Results: Adds newPoint to the end of a list. If the list is empty, then adds newPoint as the first (and only) point in the list. In either case, moves the cursor to newPoint. void clear () Requirements: None Results: Removes all the points in a list. bool isEmpty () const Requirements: None Results: Returns true if a list is empty. Otherwise, returns false. | 25 26 | Laboratory 2 bool isFull () const Requirements: None Results: Returns true if a list is full.

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