A Numerical Library in C for Scientists and Engineers by H. T. Lau PDF

By H. T. Lau

ISBN-10: 084937376X

ISBN-13: 9780849373763

It is a large library of c workouts to just do approximately something. the single sore spots are the various vector and matrix workouts. they're divided up in order that a few extremely simple operations require numerous exercises. after all this was once performed for flexibility, yet a few may perhaps locate that writing their very own is extra effective. additionally, the 2 element boundary price challenge solvers are very constrained and the DE part merely comprises consistent time-step solvers. The specific functionality part is great, in spite of the fact that. however, regardless of the restrictions, i've got discovered this to be a gold mine of exercises and an incredibly invaluable booklet. i will be able to usually locate stuff the following that's virtually very unlikely to discover in different places.

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Function Parameters: 1,u: ij: a: c,s: void rotcol (l,u,iJ,a,c,s) int; lower and upper bound of the running subscript; int; column-indices of the array a; float a[l:u,p:q]; p and q should satisfy: p 5 i, p Sj, q T i and q Tj; float; rotation factors. void r o t c o l ( i n t 1, i n t u , i n t i , i n t j , f l o a t **a, f l o a t c , f l o a t s ) I f l o a t x, y; for 1 1 ( ; l < = u ; I + + ){ x=a [ l l [ i l ; y=a[ll [jl ; a [1] [ i l =x*c+y*s; a [ l l [ j l =y*C-x*s; B. rotrow Rotates two rows of a rectangular matrix by setting a i , k = c a i , k + ~ a j , , ak j , -k - ~ a j , k - ~ a , , (k=l, k l + l , ..

Function Parameters: r r : void hshcoltam (lr, ur,lc, uc, i,x, u,a) int; lower and upper row indices; Copyright 1995 by CRC Press, Inc Ic,uc: int; lower and upper column indices; i: int; the column index of the Householder vector; x: float; the Householder constant; u: float u[lc:uc, i:i]; the Householder vector; the matrix to be postmultiplied by the Householder matrix. a: float a[lr:ur,lc:uc]; Functions used: matmat, elmrowcol. void hshcoltam(int lr, int ur, int lc, int uc, int i, float x , float **u, float **a) ' float matmat (int, int, int, int, float **, float * * ) ; void elmrowcol(int, int, int, int, float * * , float * * , float); for (; lr<=ur; lr++) elmrowcol(lc,uc,lr,i,a,u,matmat(lc,uc,lr,i,a,u~*x~; 1 F.

Function Parameters: void elmrowvec (I, u, i,a, b,x) 1,u: int; lower and upper bound of the running subscript; i: int; row-index of a; a,b: float a[i: i,l:u], b[l:u]; x: float; elimination factor. void elmrowvec (int 1, int u, int i, float **a, float b[] , float x) { for ( ; lc=u; I++) a [il [ll += b [ll *x; 1 H. , u). Function Parameters: void elmcolrow (I, u, ij,a, b,x) 1,u: int; lower and upper bound of the running subscript; i: int; column-index of a; j: int; row-index of b; a,b: float a[l:u,i:i], b/jg,l:u], when a=b then correct elimination is guaranteed only when the row and column are disjunct; x: float; elimination factor.

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