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6xlO-19C" ...... "E=50,000V/m" PRINT ...... "NB The value calculated for m will be inkg. " PRINT ......... " Press ANY key to continue" any%=GET ENDPROC PROC/FN List 230 PROCdemo produces an ani~ated diagram and explanatory text to convey the basic operating principles of the spectrometer. 830 PROCtest simulates the testing of a sample chosen from a list contained in DATA statements (1340-1400). 1040 PROCinit sets up variables and user-defined characters. 1230 PROCchoose_sample reads in data for a chosen sample.

Line 500 saves the previcus X value in 'oldX%'. Lines 520-530 print the gun turrets in the appropriate places. PROCplot uses a REPEAT... 2 each time round the loop line 660). Line 600 calculates the X and Y coordinates, reversing the X coordinate if necessary, using the direction flag 01% which was set earlier. Line 610 checks for a hit on the ground (colour 3) and Simulations, Demonstrations and Tutorials 33 line 620 does the same for a hit on a gun (colour 1), and yes you can shoot yourself, so watch it!

1) " 2750 PRINT "TAB(3);"Test a sample of Boron (2 )" 2760 PRINT "TAB(3);"Test a sample of F1uorine (3 )" 2770 PRINT "TAB(3);"Test a sample of Carbon (4 )" 2780 PRINT "TAB(3);"Identify an unknown samp1e (5 )" 2790 PRINT "TAB(3);"See a table of atomic masses ..... (7 )" .... 66x10-27kg)" 3040 PRINT .... "How many isotopes were present in the samp1 e I. , num% 3130 IF num%<>no of isotopes THEN PROCwrong ELSE PROCright 3140 UNTIL right 3150 PROCpause(3):CLS 3160 IF no of isotopes>l THEN PRINT ....

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