A Tolkien English Glossary: A Guide to Old Uncommon and - download pdf or read online

By Oliver Loo

The publication includes over 1100 phrases and is meant to be a short reference consultant for the reader of The Hobbit & The Lord of the jewelry, the place previous, unusual and archaic phrases could be fast seemed up and their which means made transparent. Draught for instance happens 35 instances within the textual content with at the least five assorted meanings. It capacity present of air in a single sentence, consuming, or a drink or potion in one other, one that is drafted into provider in one other, to attract or to tug in one other and at last the intensity a vessel sinks within the water. One must comprehend the entire meanings as a way to absolutely comprehend the textual content. The phrases within the first part of every one ebook are prepared so as of visual appeal within the books. within the final part, the phrases are prepared alphabetically for ease of discovering a specific observe with no regard to the place it truly is used. additionally incorporated is the sentence the place the note is used to supply the reader with the contextual surroundings of the observe within the sentence it's utilized in as an reduction to appreciate the that means.

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Still I wish there was a looking-glass…. mouldered 253 To turn to dust by natural decay; crumble; waste away. Though all the old adornments were long mouldered or destroyed, and though all was befouled and blasted with the comings and goings of the monster, Thorin knew every passage…. furtive 253 Obtained by theft or stolen; also, thieving or thievish, taken, done by stealth or in the manner of one wishing to escape observation, surreptitious; clandestine; secret. and they met no sign of any living thing, only furtive shadows that fled from the approach of their torches….

This had a shingly shore under hanging banks…. fretted 200 To move in agitation or commotion, as water. The barrels now all lashed together creaked and fretted. Chapter 10 A warm Welcome Wain 204 Wagon; vehicle, or cart. The name for the seven major stars of the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear. Known in England as the Plough and in America as the Big Dipper. … draggled 206 To soil by dragging over damp ground or in the mud; make limp and soiled as with wet and dirt. Wet straw was in his draggled beard….

Thorin indeed was very haughty, and said nothing about service…. mince-pies 19 A pie filled with minced meat. Mince - to cut up or chop small, or in little pieces. And mince-pies and cheese…. larders 19 A room or place where meat or other provisions are kept; a pantry; hence, the store of provisions in a house. " …. flummoxed 19 To bewilder; confound; bring to confusion. thought Mr. Baggins, who was feeling positively flummoxed…. wretched 19 Deeply unhappy in mind. Mr. Baggins…was beginning to wonder whether a most wretched adventure had not come right into his house.

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