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    'Collins Wordpower' is a sequence of compact, complete and undemanding publications to English utilization: the genuine English courses to genuine English.

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    And the ghoulish GPO (good for parts only); MFC (measure for coffin) and ECU (eternal care unit, ie, morgue). ’ DOD Department of Defense (US) DOE Department of the Environment DOM Deo Optimo Maximo: Latin for ‘God is best and greatest’, the motto of the Benedictine Order and seen on the labels of Benedictine liqueur; dirty old man DORA Defence of the Realm Act, enacted during World War 1 to enforce security restrictions dorm dormitory DOS disc (or disk) operating system, as in MS-DOS and PC-DOS doz dozen DP displaced person; data processing DPh Doctor of Philosophy DPM Deputy Prime Minister; Diploma of Psychological Medicine DPP Director of Public Prosecutions DPW Department of Public Works Dr doctor dr debit; debtor; drachm; drachma; drawn; drive D-RAM dynamic random access memory DSC Distinguished Service Cross DSc Doctor of Science DSM Distinguished Service Medal DSO Distinguished Service Order DSS Department of Social Security DST daylight saving time dstn destination DTI Department of Trade and Industry DTP desktop publishing DTs delirium tremens dub dubious dup duplicate Dur Durham DV Domestic Violence Division, Scotland Yard DVD digital video disc; DVD-Rom = recordable DVD DVLC Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre, Swansea DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine d/w dust wrapper; also d/j = dust jacket (books) D/W deadweight DWD driving while disqualified DWI Dutch West Indies dwt pennyweight (one twentieth of an ounce) DX Telecom symbol for long distance; deep six (to ‘deep six’ something is to bury it, literally or figuratively) dyb Do Your Best (Scout’s motto).

    And organisations concerned with children and adults with learning disabilities weren’t too pleased either when some wag suggested that the acronym for Mothers Against Dyslexia should be DAM. D Roman numeral for 500; Gambian dalasi (currency); December; Democrat, Democratic (US); demy (paper size); Deus = God; Deutschland = Germany; Devonian (geology); diameter; dinar; Vietnamese dong (currency); occupational category; Dominus = Lord; Dom; Don; douane = French customs; Duchess; Duke; Dutch d day; date; dam (animal pedigrees); daughter; dead; deceased; decree; degree; delete; deliver; delivery; density; denarius = old British pence (1d, 2d, 9d etc); depart; departure; depth; desert; diameter; died; dinar; discharged; distance; dividend; dose; drachma DA District Attorney (US); Department of Agriculture (US); deputy assistant; Algerian dinar; Diploma in Anaesthetics; Diploma in Art; dopamine D/A deposit account; days after acceptance; delivery on acceptance; digital to analogue (also D-A) DAB digital audio broadcasting; Dictionary of American Biography DAD deputy assistant director DAF, daf Doom Automobielfabriek = Dutch car manufacturer daffs daffodils DAGrSc Doctor of Agricultural Science DAI, dai death from accidental injuries Dan Danish Dan-Air Davies and Newman Ltd (British airline) D&B Dun and Bradstreet (US financial reports); discipline and bondage D&C, d&c dilation and curettage; dean and chapter d&d drunk and disorderly; death and dying D&V diarrhoea and vomiting dap documents against payment; do anything possible DAR Daughters of the American Republic (US) DARE demand and resource evaluation DAS Dramatic Authors’ Society DASc Doctor of Agricultural Science DAT digital audio tape; digital analogue technology; dementia of the Alzheimer type DATA Draughtsmen’s and Allied Technicians’ Association DATV digitally assisted television DAX Deutche Aktien-index = German price share index dB, db decibel DB Bachelor of Divinity; delayed broadcast; Deutsche Bundesbank; Deutsche Bundesbahn (German railways); double-barrelled DBH diameter at breast height (forestry) Dbn Durban, South Africa DBS direct broadcast by satellite DC Distict of Columbia (as in Washington, DC); death certificate; Deputy Commissioner; Detective Constable; direct current; District Commissioner; Douglas Commercial (US aircraft series, eg DC3, DC 10, etc); documents against cash dc dead centre; double column (printing); direct current; drift correction DCA Department of Civil Aviation (Australia) DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal D&C dilation and curettage (uterus operation) dcol double column (publishing) DD Doctor of Divinity d&d drunk and disorderly DDA Disabled Drivers’ Association D-day Start of Allied invasion of mainland Europe, WW2 DDG deputy director general DDR Deutsche Demokratische Republik (formerly East Germany) DDS Dewey Decimal System (library classification); Doctor of Dental Surgery DDT dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (insecticide) Dec December dec deceased; decimal; decrease def definition; definitive; defect; deficit del delineavit = drawn by (on engravings); delegate deli delicatessen DELTA don’t expect luggage to arrive (qv Airline Acronyms) demo demonstration Den Denmark dep depart; departure; depot; deposit Dept, dept department der derivative; derivation derv diesel engined road vehicle DES Department of Education and Science DET diethyltryptamine (hallucinogenic drug) Det, det Detective; detached DEWLINE distant early warning viewing line (US defence) DF Defender of the Faith DEC Distinguished Flying Cross DEM Distinguished Flying Medal DG, D-G director-general DHA District Health Authority DHSS former Department of Health and Social Security (now split into DoH and DSS) DI Detective Inspector; donor insemination diag diagonal; diagram diam diameter dib, dib, dib See dyb, dyb, dyb DIC drunk in charge (police term) dil dilute DIN Deutsche Industrie fur Normen (measurement of speed of photographic film) DINKY double income, no kids yet Dip, dip diploma (also dipl) DipAD Diploma in Art and Design DipCom Diploma of Commerce DipEd Diploma of Education Dir, dir director dis district; distinguished; distance div division DIY, diy do it yourself DJ, dj dinner jacket; disc jockey DLitt Doctor of Letters; Doctor of Literature DLO Dead Letter Office DLP former Democratic Labor Party (Australia) dlr dealer DM Deutschmark DMS data management system; Diploma of Management Studies DMT dimethyltryptamine (hallucinogenic drug) DMus Doctor of Music DMZ demilitarised zone DNA deoxyribonucleic acid, the main constituent of chromosomes DNB Dictionary of National Biography D-notice Government restriction warning prohibiting publication of information considered vital to national security DNS Department for National Savings DOA dead on arrival DOCG Denominazione di Origine Controllata Garantita: Italian guarantee that wine is from the district named on the label Doctors’ Abbreviations In Britain patients are legally entitled to see their medical casenotes.

    Numbers without the E on product labels are additives approved by the UK but not yet by the EU. Some of the E numbers denote traditional natural additives such as E120 (red cochineal colouring), E140 (green chlorophyll), E406 (agar, used in icecream), E220 (sulphur dioxide, a preservative). Others are undoubtedly creations from the test tube, such as E233 (2-thiazol-4-yl benzimidazole thiabenzadole, used to treat bananas). Here are some of the more common E numbers: Colours E100 curcumin – used in flour and margarine E101 riboflavin E102 The notorious tartrazine, used to heighten the orange colour of soft drinks and blamed by many for “driving hyperactive kids barmy”.

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