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T h e 5-cells f o r n = 6 INTRODUCTION: THE LOGICAL MATRIX 23 variables appearing in those terms required to describe the switch­ ing function. I n Chapter I I I we shall present a mechanization of the process of finding a minimal algebraic form directly from the switching function in matrix form, based on the properties of the fc-cells. There would be little advantage to the matrix representation if we had to find &-cells by the process of writing down all member states and factoring. Fortunately, they are easily re­ cognized from the matrix directly.

6. Diode circuit configurations for logical addition and multiplication of the expression to be modelled than do physical relay contacts theirs. The finite forward resistance and back conductance are the most important limiting parameters, along with the internal PHYSICAL CONSIDERATIONS 49 resistance of the driving sources (of the voltages modelling the input variables). These restrictions lead to limitations on the de­ gree of factoring which may be employed and the number of variables or terms entering into individual products and sums.

Thus far we have been considering mainly logical functions. However, the in­ formation assigned to a state may be a binary number (equal to the index of state), a decimal number, a character of the ordin- 38 TOPICS IN E N G I N E E R I N G LOGIC ary alphabet or an arbitrary category. Instead of writing out tables we may mark in directly on the matrix the inform­ ation assigned to each state. Thus, in the ''straight binary" decimal code we obtain the definition matrix of Fig. 26. De­ finition matrices will be used quite freely in later chapters for various purposes.

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