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House; synonyms (n) family, home, dwelling, firm, abode, domicile, building, edifice, habitation, housing, establishment, structure, ancestry, company, address, audience, business, concern, (v) accommodate, lodge, 2. lodge; synonyms (n) house, club, cottage, hut, inn, (v) cabin, live, place, deposit, fix, inhabit, quarter, set, lay, board, charge, file, (adj) abide, dwell, reside, 3. hall; synonyms (n) corridor, foyer, lobby, mansion, vestibule, auditorium, anteroom, court, castle, concourse, antechamber, atrium, dorm, dormitory, entry, hallway, manor, palace, residence, (v) passage, 4.

Gur stone; synonyms (n) jewel, rock, calculus, gem, pebble, concretion, gemstone, kernel, bullet, granite, hatchment, pitfall, plate, slug, (v) pit, lapidate, pelt, cake, clot. gushë 1. chin; synonyms (n) talk, jaw, jawbone, rap, mentum, button, cheek, chops, mouth, point, (v) speak, confer, utter, 2. throat; synonyms (n) gullet, orifice, pharynx, gorge, muzzle, chimney, flue, funnel, nostril, nozzle, quarl, shaft, sucker. H ha 1. feed; synonyms (v) eat, dine, nurture, browse, board, diet, encourage, nourish, fatten, consume, feast, fertilize, foster, grub, (n) aliment, food, provender, fare, fodder, meal; antonym (v) starve, 2.

Hámama open; synonyms (adj) frank, obvious, artless, exposed, free, honest, bare, forthright, guileless, ingenuous, naked, direct, explicit, downright, easy, (v) expand, give, (n) candid, clear, loosen; antonyms (adj) devious, secretive, concealed, furtive, hidden, limited, repressive, reserved, restricted, secret, blocked, cautious, closed, crafty, enigmatic, narrow, (v) shut, end, finish, (tr v) close. hana 1. activity; synonyms (n) action, activeness, exercise, liveliness, play, job, agency, agility, diligence, energy, enterprise, industry, life, movement, occupation, vigor, work, enthusiasm, excitement, line; antonyms (n) inactivity, inaction, inactiveness, 2.

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