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By Yury Verlinsky, Anver Kuliev

ISBN-10: 1482210657

ISBN-13: 9781482210651

ISBN-10: 1842142453

ISBN-13: 9781842142455

Widely illustrated, this atlas is a guide for the institution and attention of PGD in the framework of assisted replica and genetics prone. totally revised and up-to-date, the atlas contains descriptions of the authors' pioneering paintings on polar physique established PGD for genetic and chromosomal problems. The authors' novel adventure of PGD for late-onset issues with genetic predisposition can be of targeted curiosity. Their collected PGD adventure for poor-prognosis IVF sufferers provides additional proof of the advance of medical end result and the requirement for meiotic errors checking out for the next accuracy of preselecting aneuploidy-free embryos for move.

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Munne S, Willadsen S, Schmmel T, Cohen J. Nuclear sperm duplication as a tool to study mosaicism. Fifth 27 ATLAS OF PR EIM PLA N TA TION GENETIC D IAG N O S IS International Symposium on Preimplantation Genetics, 5-7 June 2003, Antalya, Turkey:55-6 10. 11. 28 Silber S, Sadowy S, Lehahan K, et al. High rate of chromosome mosaicism but not aneuploidy in embryos from karyotypically normal men requiring TESE. Reprod BioMed Online 2002;4(Suppl 2):20 Lacham-Kaplan O, Daniels R, Trounson A. Fertilization of mouse oocytes using somatic cells as male germ cells.

Our preliminary data show that the aneuploidy rate in haploidization may be improved by substitut­ ing recipient metaphase II oocytes with immature oocytes o f metaphase I stage. 28). 29), one originating from the recipient nucleus, and the other from the donor fibroblast, with the overall efficiency of human metaphase I oocytes to haploidize the chromosome set of the G 2 somatic cells as high as 80%. According to preliminary FISH lesults, the aneuploidy rate in the oocytes producing two metaphase II metaphases and two P B ls was comparable to control.

E. 3f). Complete control over aspiration and expulsion are needed to diminish the amount of medium deposited along with the sperm. The entire injection procedure for each oocyte takes approximately 2-3 min. After injection, each oocyte is placed in its own dish, and fertilization is assessed 16-18h after ICSI. FIRST A N D SECOND POLAR BODY REMOVAL PBI removal after ICSI is performed by the same procedure described above, except for some modifi­ cations to avoid the damage of the meiotic spindle 20 during the procedure.

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