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By K. J. Binns

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13) The imaginary axis is a line of symmetry and along it lies the flux line (p = 0 as may be confirmed by showing that the real part of eqn. 13) is zero for all purely imaginary values of t. If the small quantity of flux which passes within the conductors is neglected, the total flux passing between the two bus-bars is twice that passing between the line

In a similar manner to that above (using the cosine rule) it can be shown (see Smythe, p. 65) that the expansions in terms of r and 0 of the function logR for a line pole (or charge), situated at the point A (Fig. 16) Use of all three of these equations is necessary only in the potential function for the region containing the pole. In all other regions the effect of the pole can be attributed to boundary magnetization and so included in the general series expression. Before considering some examples it should be noted that in employing the method of separation of the variables it is simplest to use separate potential functions for each region of a field, these functions being connected by the boundary conditions between the regions.

4. Inductance of parallel bus-bars near an iron surface To show the usefulness and simplicity of the image method, it is now applied to the calculation of the inductance of two bus-bars carrying equal and opposite currents ±1 near to a highly permeable surface. The surface is assumed infinitely permeable for simplicity (though this assumption is not a necessary condition for the problem to be solved by images) and lying along the real axis of the f-plane. The positions of the currents are as FIG.

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